Expert Website Development Agency: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Having a website to navigate the ocean of the internet is easy nowadays.

With increasing data usage, the number of companies that make websites has increased as well. But the question is – what type of boat will you pick?

Will it be a multi-storied luxury cruise line (highly customized websites requiring lots of investment) that would make the titanic look like a toy? Or will it be a decent-sized ferry (a simple website that’s low on maintenance)?

Top-rated web development agencies usually have lots of measures in place, helping them in dealing with all types of clients and their specific requirements.

Let’s delve into some aspects of choosing the right expert website development agency for your business!

What do website development agencies do?

Well, these agencies obviously don’t build boats.

They make websites so that you can showcase to the world at large what it is that you do. Now how you showcase it to the world, is what website development agencies are truly masters at.

Expert website development agencies cater to the needs of clients through various website development processes such as front-end, back-end, UI/UX (interface), maintenance and much more. They are where you get holistic website solutions and can make all types of websites as per the client’s requirements.

How can you choose a top-rated website development agency?

Well, you can check out these points that we have curated for you!

Learn a thing or two about websites

Websites may all seem hunky-dory and easy to create, and you may even have tried to create one using WordPress or Wix.

These tools are great, and you can create a website using them. But, once your business starts growing, you’ll need help from the experts. So, start by getting into the basics of how a website works, and what goes into creating a website.

Learn about how websites are made, learn some of the jargon, basically get your hands dirty and figure out the ABCs of websites.

Once you have that taken care of, you can move onto identifying what you need.

Outlining your needs and requirements

Yep, you can stop researching now.

Once you have an idea regarding what website development is, you can formulate how you’d like your website to be like. You don’t need to delve deep and understand the A to Z of website development, you just need to learn the ABCs!

The ABCs are enough to underline what you require in a website. Whether it’s an e-commerce website or a basic website, it gets easier once you know what you need.

And yeah, everything comes at a price. So, keep in mind that the more detailed you want your website to be, the more the cost of creating it will go up.

Not only this, but the more complex a website is, the more the maintenance cost will go up.

It’s just like purchasing a car – the more the price, the higher the maintenance.

How good (or bad) is their website?

Something that top-rated website development agencies like to do is make sure that their website is brilliant in every way.

Be it UI/UX, squishing the pesky bugs, front-end and back-end – expert website development agencies will make sure that their website is absolutely amazing.

Think of it as dressing appropriately for an interview – you want to make a good impression.

So, if they take care of their own website and it is genuinely good, that is obviously not the only deciding factor that it is a top-rated website development agency, but it is one of the factors.

An improperly designed or a malfunctioning website (it’s a different thing if it is under maintenance) is a sure shot red flag in determining if it is a top-rated website development agency or not.

Check their previous work

Doing this step will be super-simple.

You just need to go to the agency’s website and search up their clients. Take notice as to how they have completed their previous work, and how well they’re maintaining their websites.

You can also go all-ballistic on them and search their website through your phone, tablet and laptop to understand how good their website is across platforms. This gives an idea how good the UI/UX part of the agency is.

Do not forget to assess their design prowess, website flow, website loading times, if links are updated etc.

Also, taking a look at the type of clients that they have worked for goes a long way in determining the type of result that you will likely receive.

Budgeting – how much quid will you have to shell out?

The more customized a website is, the higher the cost of creating it would come out to be.

Apart from that, there’s a lot of stuff that goes behind a website. And yeah, we’re talking about the front-end, back-end, the UI/UX, the endless coding and algorithms that go behind a website.

That’s a lot of skilled lads and gals that are behind creating a website.

Not only that, but a website also requires the king of kings – content.

Without content, all things are bland, aren’t they? Even this blog would be a blank webpage without content, and so would our lives be bland without it.

So, budgeting becomes all the more important when you want the website to be customized in the exact way that you want it to be.

As mentioned before, the cost of maintaining a website also tends to go up when you have it super-customized, so make sure that you have a proper budget in mind.


Well, that’s pretty much our checklist on how to find an expert website development agency.

The thing is, that these top-rated website development agencies like Granth usually have a lot of this covered, making it a breeze for you to check all of the pointers that we have included in this blog.

From front-end to back-end, UI/UX to maintenance, checking out their portfolio and their website to doing your own research – we have gone through mostly all of it.

We at Granth serve as the bridge between web development and content – we do it all at the same place (apart from being both genius web developers and content wizards).



Choosing Between CMS and Custom Development for Your Website

The most asked question when you choose to create your website in the UK will be about the kind of its development: Standard CMS or Custom Development.

Pulling off a new website development project will require you to intricately analyse which technique to move forward with before giving it a kickstart. A custom website is constructed from scratch and a CMS, Content Management System, uses platforms like WordPress.
Choosing either of them depends on your project requirements like budget, system requirements, scalability and more.

The Best website development company in the UK will always streamline the benefits and provide you with appropriate pros and cons about each website development service before giving it a head start.

Content Management Systems are user-friendly platforms that allow an easier way to add and edit content. A user can combine pre-defined functionalities and pre-designed templates to create an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website.
A Custom Development website is made brick by brick, using open-source frameworks or code libraries, giving full control over the website.

The Key Differences between the both:

Compared to Custom Development, a CMS is less time-consuming, because of pre-determined features to choose from. A CMS allows less personalisation and the addition of features but has the advantage of regular updates & security patches. A custom website leverages higher costs because of the extra efforts and personalised nature of the project.

However, the choice of the type depends on the long-term goals of the project, and the best website development company will choose only the best for you by mapping out the potential outcomes.


Although choosing a CMS or Custom Development varies on other factors like project goal, size and use, knowing the pros and cons will plant a seed of understanding in your mind before taking a decision.

Content Management System


  • For non-technical users, it provides a user-friendly interface with an extensive library theme of aesthetic pre-made templates.
  • It allows quicker development at lesser costs.
  • The CMS community provides the relief of fewer errors with its regular updates and security patches.


  • Chances of glitches because of larger user traffic.
  • Lesser room for experimentation and creativity because of pre-defined features

Custom Development


  • Larger room to accommodate scalable & complex projects.
  • Having complete control over all features & functionalities.
  • Add customised features according to desired needs.
  • Better security because of the private codebase.


  • More time-consuming.
  • Higher development costs because of higher expertise and manpower.
  • Compatibility issues with future updates and technologies.

Key Factors to consider before decision-making

  • Budget

The client’s first concern is always price because that lets them take a bet on the best method. Custom Development costs higher but still reaps returns over time because of its flexibility, scalability and customized efforts placed on the audience.

  • Development Time

A CMS allows designing the website faster because of already available plug-ins and templates. If the deadline is tight, CMS can expedite the process, since Custom development takes a longer time because of its tailored approach.

  • Return On Investment

If you are visioning higher profits, custom development reaps better ROI because it is made with clear objectives and as per the needs of the target audience. It resonates better with the customer and meets objectives, resulting in better conversions & sales.

  • Type of Project

If the project is standard, with lesser objectives, a CMS can work out to be the best. However, if the project demands features, redirects, and more functionality, custom development will work best.

  • Security

If the project caters for holding large data of customers, or any personal data, custom development will work better because of its high-security features. A CMS results in glitches and low-security zone because of many people using the same portal.

  • SEO Positioning

In the long run, to gain a higher rank and drive more traffic, proper search engine optimization will be required. A custom-made website will cope better with search engine requirements and give a competitive edge. A CMS has the bandwidth to meet all demands too but is restricted to only the basic ones.

Let’s Sum Up

CMS Website Development in the UK like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal have gained significant traction in the UK because of their user-friendly nature. They allow businesses to manage and update their website content efficiently without having extensive technical expertise.

Key Aspects:

  • Easy Setup
  • User-friendly interface’
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Pre-made plugins

Custom Development Website development in the UK means building it from scratch, from choosing the design to the feature. It seeks more attention and time for detailing and customization with larger technical expertise. It has the benefit of more flexibility and control.

Key aspects:

  • Customized User experience
  • Better ROI
  • Enhanced Security
  • Integration of more features
  • Brand differentiation

Different website development services also vary greatly on the website development company you choose. Choosing the best website development company will mark the first and most crucial step of your successful website building.

The Role of Landing Pages in PPC: Increasing Conversions and Quality Score

A new mother was looking for a professional dietician to reduce baby fat after a few months of birth to become healthy and fit. Still, before deciding, she will research reliable & professional dietician plans. She googles for information, clicks on your pay per click Google Ad entitled “Best weight management plans,” and reaches the landing page to read it. She notices a call-to-action (CTA), essentially an ad, for one of the offers — a free BMI evaluation to help her decide how much she needs to reduce and what would work best for her body type. “That would be beneficial,” she thinks, clicking on the CTA and where she can sign up for her free consultation.

For her to take advantage of the offer, the landing page presents her with some further information and specifics about what she would get from the free consultation. After providing her contact information, she instantly becomes a potential lead for your health company that you can contact.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has emerged as a potent marketing strategy for businesses seeking to attract targeted traffic and increase conversions. Companies can effectively reach their potential customers and drive relevant website traffic with the right approach and a proficient Pay Per Click advertising agency. However, PPC campaigns’ success is more than crafting compelling ad copies or selecting the right keywords.

Hence, the part of landing pages in PPC campaigns is equally crucial in converting visitors into customers and improving Quality Scores. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of landing pages in PPC, exploring how they can effectively boost conversions and enhance Quality scores.

Understanding the Role of Landing Pages in PPC

A landing page is where userland is after clicking a PPC ad. Unlike the homepage or other pages on a website, a landing page is carefully designed to align with the specific offer or message presented in the ad. Its primary objective is to lead visitors towards a particular action, such as purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting more information. The standard and relevancy of landing pages significantly influence the effectiveness of PPC advertising.

Increasing Conversions through Tailored Landing Pages

One of the most significant advantages of using targeted landing pages is their ability to increase conversion rates. By aligning the landing page content precisely with the ad’s message, businesses can create a seamless user experience. When visitors find the information, they expect to see, they are more likely to engage with the page and follow through with the desired action.

For example, imagine a PPC Advertising Agency that offers specialized pay-per-click services uk. Their ad showcases the benefits of their expertise and industry experience. Upon clicking the ad, users are directed to a landing page telling their needs. This landing page highlights case studies, testimonials, and successful campaign results, emphasizing their UK-focused services. By delivering what users expect, the landing page creates a seamless user experience, building trust and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Enhancing Quality Score and Lowering Costs

Quality Score is a crucial metric PPC platforms like Google Ads use to evaluate the quality and relevance of keywords, ads, and landing pages. Your PPC budget might be further stretched if you have a higher Quality Score because it can lead to reduced costs per click (CPC) and better ad positions. By optimizing landing pages to match the intent of the ad and providing valuable content, businesses can improve their Quality Score.

For Example, A company providing comprehensive PPC management service runs an ad promoting a 30% discount on its benefits for new clients. Users who click the ad expect to be taken to a landing page where they can avail themselves of this offer. If the landing page fails to mention the discount or makes it hard to find, users might feel misled or frustrated, leading to a high bounce rate and low conversions. However, ensuring the landing page is consistent with the ad’s message and prominently displays the discount offer makes users more likely to engage positively, leading to higher conversions.

Personalization and A/B Testing

Working with PPC specialists has many benefits, including their capacity to run A/B testing on landing pages. A/B testing includes building several different landing page iterations and comparing them to see which performs better. Agencies can improve landing pages for greater personalization, maximizing their impact and conversions by examining user behavior and feedback.

Mobile Optimization for Better User Experience

With the rising dominance of mobile internet usage, organizations must ensure that their landing pages are fully optimized for mobile devices. A mobile-friendly landing page guarantees a seamless experience for users, increasing the chances of conversions. Expert PPC services can optimize landing pages for various screen sizes and devices, ensuring businesses reach their potential customers wherever they are.

In conclusion, the role of landing pages in PPC campaigns must be balanced. These targeted pages bridge compelling ads and conversions, ensuring a seamless user experience and relevancy. By optimizing landing pages for relevance, personalization, and user engagement, businesses can significantly increase their conversion rates and achieve higher Quality Scores. Employing A/B testing further enables advertisers to fine-tune their landing pages and unlock the full potential of their PPC campaigns. So, the next time you embark on a Pay-Per-Click adventure, remember that an optimized landing page is the key to unlocking the full potential of your PPC investment.
If you are looking for pay-per-click management uk, contact us.

The Future of SEO: AI, Voice Search, and Beyond

“Siri, read my emails” or “Alexa, play the latest music” are the typical commands we all hear or use around us frequently. As voice search has been getting popularity over the past few years, this trend projects to continue because people are getting more accustomed to utilizing voice commands to do information searches.

One of the reasons for this cultural acceptance of virtual assistants, like Siri and Alexa, is not because they are quick but also user-friendly. For e.g., children & senior citizens can on and off the light with this technology without touching electric switches. It is also convenient for people driving and asking Google for directions to their destination.
There are so many such examples of our daily life where we see how voice search optimization services change the method of people’s thinking. Online marketing has relied heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). That is why it always enhances as the internet develops. As we look to the future, it is evident that AI & Voice search and other technologies are making numerous changes in search engine optimization (SEO).

In this blog, we’ll look at significant developments and trends influencing SEO’s future and what businesses can anticipate in the coming years:

Growing Voice Search

Giving users the best results possible is the core of SEO. Moreover, Google Voice Assistants are now the primary question-askers in society, and using voice searches has skyrocketed these days. Voice search is currently the most popular SEO trend due to the ongoing effort to offer the best solutions.

Presently SEO is not limited to written information but applies to all types of internet material, including photographs, videos, and voice searches.
It is a chance for worldwide businesses to hire an Expert search engine optimization consultancy to outperform their rivals through proactive voice search optimization.

The impact of voice search on SEO

Voice search is altering how consumers find information, which impact on SEO.

  • More use of natural-speaking language

The way consumers ask questions using voice search has seen one of the most significant transformations.
For example, when we speak rather than typing, we typically use longer phrases and more natural language like Where is Effile Tower located? How to reach London Tower?

  • Voice search results

The way search engines offer results for voice searches is another issue that influences SEO. For instance, you only get one or two results using voice search instead of a vast list like traditional SEO. That is why ranking at the top of search results for appropriate terms is more crucial than ever.
Thus, whoever handles your content marketing must prepare your work using normal-speaking language queries so that your keywords can rank.
Voice search is a significant factor in online user engagement and will continue to grow in importance. Vocal online searches are significantly more practical than keyboard searches. Businesses that make their websites voice search-friendly will ultimately succeed.

Artificial Intelligence

Although it already significantly impacts SEO, artificial intelligence is predicted to increase in prominence over time. Massive data sets can be analyzed by AI algorithms, which can also spot correlations that humans would miss. Professionals in SEO may find novel possibilities and improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts as an outcome.
Machine learning is one way AI is being applied to SEO. For instance, Google uses it to analyze user behavior and customize search results.
It means SEO specialists should concentrate on producing captivating content applicable to their niche market.


E-A-T, or expertise, authority, and trust, is a ranking criterion in SEO. Businesses that can position themselves as subject-matter authorities will have a substantial advantage in search results as search engines place more importance on material from reliable sources.

Video Content

The popularity of video content as a type of content marketing is already well-established, and it envisions that this trend will last until 2023 and beyond. With YouTube being the second-largest search engine and video snippets in search results, search engines are giving video content more attention. Businesses that invest in high-quality video content can benefit significantly from SEO.

Highlighted Snippets

Snippets that are highlighted are showing up more frequently in search outcomes and give users rapid responses to their inquiries. Businesses will have a significant advantage in SEO if they can optimize their content for highlighted snippets because they will be more likely to appear at the top of search results.

Optimized for mobile devices

Search engines are giving more weight to mobile-friendly content as more people use their mobile devices to explore the internet. The adoption of indexing that prioritizes mobile devices by search engines is done by many companies, giving mobile-friendly websites a significant edge in search results.

Local Seo

Local SEO is gaining importance for businesses as voice search, and mobile devices become more prevalent. With increasingly individualized results based on the user’s location, we may anticipate that search engines would prioritize local search even more.

With emerging technologies and patterns influencing how organizations approach search engine optimization, the future of SEO is thrilling. Businesses may stay ahead of the game and increase the naturally generated website traffic by keeping abreast of current developments and modifying their SEO strategy accordingly. Voice search, AI, local SEO, and others are a few ways businesses can boost their SEO and expand their online consumer base.
If you want to update about the current craze & looking for search engine optimization services uk, contact us.

Creating Viral Content: Lessons from Successful Social Media Campaigns

Viral content is infectious and contagious, capturing a larger audience’s attention, and boosting your brand image via social media marketing like never before. Your viral content can be your crown jewel in online marketing and do wonders for your brand!

The recent fuss about Barbie & Oppenheimer, or the creative campaigns by Netflix on the streets, surely catches the mind’s attention and lingers there. Learning from viral content is about the perfect timing and the way your content is communicated, not a science equation.
Well, it also depends on the Social Media Agency and Social Media Services they provide, so don’t forget to be precise while choosing one.

Let’s dive into some lessons derived from viral social media campaigns that will provide you with valuable insights and curate compelling and relatable content.

Perceiving your Target Group is the key

Having a knack for your target audience will easily help you to come up with content ideas that evoke feelings of relatability and adds value to the content they consume. Producing the right content according to your target audiences’ choices will encourage them to share it amongst their connections and give better reach to your content piece.

Invoke emotions

When your content has the power to vibe with someone’s emotions, it becomes relatable to them and hence shareable too. A deeper connection with your audience is shared when you resonate well with their emotions.

It’s also about the Perfect Timing

Timing that can “Trend” or “End” the content your produce! Matching the timing will require you to stay updated with the latest topics, topics of discussion, niche-related events and understanding your audience.

Discover new Perspectives

Showcasing newer perspectives, with unique points of view, will synergise with your content creation abilities and drop a bomb amongst your audience. Creating a “wow” element and bringing about intriguing angles to your audience will increase the chances of making your content viral and increase its reach and shares.

Creating engaging content

Coming up with nice visuals, graphics and content that is engaging will have more chances of it getting shared on various platforms. Engaging and visually appealing content grabs attention and influences people to take some action on it, which adds to the chances of making your content viral.

Quality > Quantity

Well, it is said that consistency is the key, but with also comes quality. Spamming has never proven to be something that is widely appreciated, hence do not focus on posting many things at once, and rather post content that seeks attention at once. This is the age of minimalism, try indulging in minimal content on your Social Media Marketing and mark the results for yourself.

Influencer Marketing for the win

Influencers with a strong follower base will boost their content and help it reach a wider audience. Influencer marketing is trending because of their dedicated audience and their ability to make your content sell. Just as Brand Ambassadors do their magic on ads by influencing their fan base to buy a particular product, Influencer Marketing also builds a sense of trust amongst the fan base of that particular influencer and drives virality and greater reach.

Choosing the right Social Media Agency

Agencies are many, but choosing the right one for your brand is the task. Choose an agency whose social media marketing services include creating viral content by constantly conducting marketing practices for your brand and trying out the best for it. Social media marketing is not just about posting content about your brand, it’s rather communicating with the audience catering to your niche and proving them justice with it.

Be out of the box!

Authenticity is appreciated and creates a strong impact. Coming up with something very unique and exciting at the same time acts like a magnet. An entirely transparent and new idea will enhance brand credibility and create an instant fuss about it.

How Viral Campaigns can be advantageous to your brand

Low budget, greater success

You might have seen how people become famous overnight with their skills in creating relatable eye-catching content. The best part about viral campaigns is their ability to drop the bomb without having to spend huge amounts of budget.

Say Hi to a large audience

Your viral content can boost your reach in no time and increase conversions of your product/service. Having a large audience, that connects with your content is crucial for a successful Social Media Marketing that harnesses sales.

It gives your brand a competitive edge

Standing out amongst others with viral content and becoming an example will prove your brand authenticity and cater towards brand success.

Viral Social Media Campaign

– Nike’s #ChooseYourWinter campaign, where they asked the audience to indulge in the question about the challenges of working out in cold weather.

– Airbnb supports the Ukrainians by providing free accommodation to 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine via the Refugee Fund.

– Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign, which connected emotionally.

– Spotify’s wrapped campaign, is a great example of personalised marketing.


Viral content on Social Media will only be a hit if your audience is able to connect with the content and creates an environment of excitement. Social media is a never-ending platform for experiments and analysing what works for your brand will enhance creating viral content skills. Coming up with the right moment to produce your marketing content is the hack towards creating viral campaigns and fetching attention for your brand.