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Every day, upcoming health startups make healthcare more accessible than ever before. These wide choices mean more competition surely, but they also lead to unsurety for many patients. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking to make your mark or a healthcare firm wanting to establish your expertise, Granth’s bespoke branding and advertising services can help your healthcare clinic connect with patients effortlessly.


What exactly would branding and marketing mean for me as a healthcare professional?

As a healthcare professional, branding would mean curating your image aligned to your values and service beliefs. It will help carve a distinct identity for your service in the industry.

How can digital marketing help a healthcare clinic?

By showcasing your expertise, personality, your clinic’s atmosphere and amenities you can help potential clients understand how your own and your clinic’s energy is. It eases them into being comfortable approaching you.

Do patients even check healthcare clinic’s digital presence?

Yes, to gain more social proof and trust, any service seeker considers checking the digital presence of any service, especially one like healthcare provider, as important as reviews.

How can I make a recognisable brand identity?

To establish a recognisable brand identity, we suggest a brand mission, vision and positioning statement to understand the values you advocate for, to draw inspiration for a brand identity bespoke to you.


Bespoke Branding Immunizing Healthcare against Patient Unsurety

Lead the healthcare landscape with a branding attuned to your core values and build trust with your patients. Backed by Granth’s powerful marketing, deliver patient satisfaction with a healthcare experience built on credibility. At Granth, we utilise custom strategies to help grow your discoverability and establish your expertise with a branding that speaks for your service.

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The journey matters, the milestones matter even more. In a short span of time, we have had an association with some big players across a range of industries.

Where we whip up words with the finesse of a butler pouring tea. We are here to bestow upon you a delightful selection of phrases and sentences steeped in the charm of the Queen's English. Whether you need a witty turn of phrase or a touch of linguistic elegance, our team of linguistic artisans is ready to dazzle you. From crafting brand essence to penning dashing descriptions, we shall ensure that your textual desires are met with a cuppa's verve and vigour. So, put your feet up, grab a biscuit, and let us weave our linguistic magic to make your content as delightful as a stroll along the Thames on a crisp autumn day.

Our Credible Approach

We identify the specific area where you excel and make it the pivot of all our branding and marketing activities. This could be your specialization or patient demography.


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We have won the trust and hearts of many brands that we worked for. And while we work together, deeper connections are forged, and our family extends.We have won the trust and hearts of many brands that we worked for. And while we work together, deeper connections are.


We often hear the voices of delight

Granth Creations was truly helpful with Website UI, Logo, and Infographic creation. Not only this, time and again they shared ideas and suggestions proactively which I liked and implemented. Amazing experience working with Granth Creations!


Didier Bonny

CEO - Innoptim Group | Switzerland

Having worked with many creative agencies - big & small - we found Granth refreshingly different. The Granth team is always bubbling with new ideas, they have inexhaustible patience and they deliver on time. It's truly a pleasure to work with this young agency.


Raj Pinjani

Director - Rasna International | India

Granth has been great Partners to work with, their quality along with their commitment to deliverables it's top-notch Graphic India is happy to collaborate and continue to partner with Granth with respect to productions services.


Navin Miranda

HBD - Graphic India | Singapore

Granth team has done a wonderful job redesigning our website to take it from a plain and functional website to an amazingly professional and lively one. We recommend Granth Creations to any business that need a hand improving their internet traffic and their business!


Gaurav Parvadia

CEO - Twinr | Canada

Kandarp & Team Granth, I extremely delighted to see the range. I am sure your merits will win some useful business from Africa.


Dhiren Rana

Director - Romaunt Roses | Kenya

I have been knowing Kandarp the main visionary of Granth for 3 years. What a beautiful human being. His persona radiates in his organization as well. Great design works. top-notch work.


Jitesh Donga

Community Manager - Pratilipi | India

We were looking to redesign, fresh content & development for Onlinetoken website and it was our 3rd attempt but landed in good hand of Granth team. They are very creative, resourceful, punctual and exceeded our expectations.


Haresh Ghoghari

Co-founder - Onlinetoken | USA

We were looking for partners in Brand Communication, who can understand technology, content & customers. They offer a unique blend which we were looking for.


Keyur Bhalavat

CEO - Plutomen | India


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