• September 22, 2023

Expert Website Development Agency: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

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Expert Website Development Agency: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Having a website to navigate the ocean of the internet is easy nowadays.

With increasing data usage, the number of companies that make websites has increased as well. But the question is – what type of boat will you pick?

Will it be a multi-storied luxury cruise line (highly customized websites requiring lots of investment) that would make the titanic look like a toy? Or will it be a decent-sized ferry (a simple website that’s low on maintenance)?

Top-rated web development agencies usually have lots of measures in place, helping them in dealing with all types of clients and their specific requirements.

Let’s delve into some aspects of choosing the right expert website development agency for your business!

What do website development agencies do?

Well, these agencies obviously don’t build boats.

They make websites so that you can showcase to the world at large what it is that you do. Now how you showcase it to the world, is what website development agencies are truly masters at.

Expert website development agencies cater to the needs of clients through various website development processes such as front-end, back-end, UI/UX (interface), maintenance and much more. They are where you get holistic website solutions and can make all types of websites as per the client’s requirements.

How can you choose a top-rated website development agency?

Well, you can check out these points that we have curated for you!

Learn a thing or two about websites

Websites may all seem hunky-dory and easy to create, and you may even have tried to create one using WordPress or Wix.

These tools are great, and you can create a website using them. But, once your business starts growing, you’ll need help from the experts. So, start by getting into the basics of how a website works, and what goes into creating a website.

Learn about how websites are made, learn some of the jargon, basically get your hands dirty and figure out the ABCs of websites.

Once you have that taken care of, you can move onto identifying what you need.

Outlining your needs and requirements

Yep, you can stop researching now.

Once you have an idea regarding what website development is, you can formulate how you’d like your website to be like. You don’t need to delve deep and understand the A to Z of website development, you just need to learn the ABCs!

The ABCs are enough to underline what you require in a website. Whether it’s an e-commerce website or a basic website, it gets easier once you know what you need.

And yeah, everything comes at a price. So, keep in mind that the more detailed you want your website to be, the more the cost of creating it will go up.

Not only this, but the more complex a website is, the more the maintenance cost will go up.

It’s just like purchasing a car – the more the price, the higher the maintenance.

How good (or bad) is their website?

Something that top-rated website development agencies like to do is make sure that their website is brilliant in every way.

Be it UI/UX, squishing the pesky bugs, front-end and back-end – expert website development agencies will make sure that their website is absolutely amazing.

Think of it as dressing appropriately for an interview – you want to make a good impression.

So, if they take care of their own website and it is genuinely good, that is obviously not the only deciding factor that it is a top-rated website development agency, but it is one of the factors.

An improperly designed or a malfunctioning website (it’s a different thing if it is under maintenance) is a sure shot red flag in determining if it is a top-rated website development agency or not.

Check their previous work

Doing this step will be super-simple.

You just need to go to the agency’s website and search up their clients. Take notice as to how they have completed their previous work, and how well they’re maintaining their websites.

You can also go all-ballistic on them and search their website through your phone, tablet and laptop to understand how good their website is across platforms. This gives an idea how good the UI/UX part of the agency is.

Do not forget to assess their design prowess, website flow, website loading times, if links are updated etc.

Also, taking a look at the type of clients that they have worked for goes a long way in determining the type of result that you will likely receive.

Budgeting – how much quid will you have to shell out?

The more customized a website is, the higher the cost of creating it would come out to be.

Apart from that, there’s a lot of stuff that goes behind a website. And yeah, we’re talking about the front-end, back-end, the UI/UX, the endless coding and algorithms that go behind a website.

That’s a lot of skilled lads and gals that are behind creating a website.

Not only that, but a website also requires the king of kings – content.

Without content, all things are bland, aren’t they? Even this blog would be a blank webpage without content, and so would our lives be bland without it.

So, budgeting becomes all the more important when you want the website to be customized in the exact way that you want it to be.

As mentioned before, the cost of maintaining a website also tends to go up when you have it super-customized, so make sure that you have a proper budget in mind.


Well, that’s pretty much our checklist on how to find an expert website development agency.

The thing is, that these top-rated website development agencies like Granth usually have a lot of this covered, making it a breeze for you to check all of the pointers that we have included in this blog.

From front-end to back-end, UI/UX to maintenance, checking out their portfolio and their website to doing your own research – we have gone through mostly all of it.

We at Granth serve as the bridge between web development and content – we do it all at the same place (apart from being both genius web developers and content wizards).



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