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Choosing Between CMS and Custom Development for Your Website

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Choosing Between CMS and Custom Development for Your Website

The most asked question when you choose to create your website in the UK will be about the kind of its development: Standard CMS or Custom Development.

Pulling off a new website development project will require you to intricately analyse which technique to move forward with before giving it a kickstart. A custom website is constructed from scratch and a CMS, Content Management System, uses platforms like WordPress.
Choosing either of them depends on your project requirements like budget, system requirements, scalability and more.

The Best website development company in the UK will always streamline the benefits and provide you with appropriate pros and cons about each website development service before giving it a head start.

Content Management Systems are user-friendly platforms that allow an easier way to add and edit content. A user can combine pre-defined functionalities and pre-designed templates to create an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website.
A Custom Development website is made brick by brick, using open-source frameworks or code libraries, giving full control over the website.

The Key Differences between the both:

Compared to Custom Development, a CMS is less time-consuming, because of pre-determined features to choose from. A CMS allows less personalisation and the addition of features but has the advantage of regular updates & security patches. A custom website leverages higher costs because of the extra efforts and personalised nature of the project.

However, the choice of the type depends on the long-term goals of the project, and the best website development company will choose only the best for you by mapping out the potential outcomes.


Although choosing a CMS or Custom Development varies on other factors like project goal, size and use, knowing the pros and cons will plant a seed of understanding in your mind before taking a decision.

Content Management System


  • For non-technical users, it provides a user-friendly interface with an extensive library theme of aesthetic pre-made templates.
  • It allows quicker development at lesser costs.
  • The CMS community provides the relief of fewer errors with its regular updates and security patches.


  • Chances of glitches because of larger user traffic.
  • Lesser room for experimentation and creativity because of pre-defined features

Custom Development


  • Larger room to accommodate scalable & complex projects.
  • Having complete control over all features & functionalities.
  • Add customised features according to desired needs.
  • Better security because of the private codebase.


  • More time-consuming.
  • Higher development costs because of higher expertise and manpower.
  • Compatibility issues with future updates and technologies.

Key Factors to consider before decision-making

  • Budget

The client’s first concern is always price because that lets them take a bet on the best method. Custom Development costs higher but still reaps returns over time because of its flexibility, scalability and customized efforts placed on the audience.

  • Development Time

A CMS allows designing the website faster because of already available plug-ins and templates. If the deadline is tight, CMS can expedite the process, since Custom development takes a longer time because of its tailored approach.

  • Return On Investment

If you are visioning higher profits, custom development reaps better ROI because it is made with clear objectives and as per the needs of the target audience. It resonates better with the customer and meets objectives, resulting in better conversions & sales.

  • Type of Project

If the project is standard, with lesser objectives, a CMS can work out to be the best. However, if the project demands features, redirects, and more functionality, custom development will work best.

  • Security

If the project caters for holding large data of customers, or any personal data, custom development will work better because of its high-security features. A CMS results in glitches and low-security zone because of many people using the same portal.

  • SEO Positioning

In the long run, to gain a higher rank and drive more traffic, proper search engine optimization will be required. A custom-made website will cope better with search engine requirements and give a competitive edge. A CMS has the bandwidth to meet all demands too but is restricted to only the basic ones.

Let’s Sum Up

CMS Website Development in the UK like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal have gained significant traction in the UK because of their user-friendly nature. They allow businesses to manage and update their website content efficiently without having extensive technical expertise.

Key Aspects:

  • Easy Setup
  • User-friendly interface’
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Pre-made plugins

Custom Development Website development in the UK means building it from scratch, from choosing the design to the feature. It seeks more attention and time for detailing and customization with larger technical expertise. It has the benefit of more flexibility and control.

Key aspects:

  • Customized User experience
  • Better ROI
  • Enhanced Security
  • Integration of more features
  • Brand differentiation

Different website development services also vary greatly on the website development company you choose. Choosing the best website development company will mark the first and most crucial step of your successful website building.

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